Month: March 2016

Series Potential

Why do people read series? Probably not because nothing of consequence happened in the first book. I love a good series. I don’t love a bad set-up. There is this wonderful piece of advice that agents float around… Read More

Step One

Once upon a way-back-when, I declared that I would make sure this blog gave writer/illustrators the information that is less common in the publishing blogosphere. That is, information tailored to writer/illustrators—not just picture book folks, either. During that… Read More

The Path to the Mire

This is one of those post-signing, uh, posts that attempts to chronicle how I got to the point of agenthood. In a rainbow nutshell: Total Queries: 18 Rejections: 7 Closed, No Response: 6 Fulls: 5 Passes: 2 Revise… Read More