Current Undertakings

This page will be updated to reflect the major projects (predominantly writing) that I am working on now!

Began writing: August 2014
Genre: Historical fantasy, MG
(Current) Word count: 60,000
Comp titles: Nooks and Crannies, Series of Unfortunate Events
Latest update: On submission

After the overdue death of their failed actress of a mother, Hermea and Hermione Jackson are taken in (and across the ocean) by their mother’s parents, Mimsy and Papa, who live in New York City.

Having known nothing of stability or normalcy in their short years, the girls wonder if they’ve finally found it. However, normal seems to have drowned on the way from London, for all at once they discover their grandparents’ house is haunted, their Mimsy might be a witch (according to their own cousin! Who doesn’t like them, anyway), and there are a pair of ghost girls called the Sybils whose appearance at their mother’s funeral foretells doom.

Of course, they also feel like their family are really strangers, having never met them before.

After befriending a neighbor boy and his eccentric foster family, a wedge is shoved between the sisters as they must come to terms with what family is, what their family is (really is), and how to let the vice-like grip of their mother’s failures go.

As they are well aware, life isn’t ever so easy as an answer to a question.

Began writing: May 2010 (chapter one)/August 2011
Genre: Historical fantasy, YA/Adult crossover
(Current) Word count: !?!??!?!!?
Comp titles: Splendors and Glooms
Latest update: 5/24/16 - Draft #???? is beginning. Refreshing on all of my research notes.

It’s autumn 1924 and Great Britain is in a flurry of commotion over a girl with wings. The public calls her Isabel. The proprietor of a disreputable carnival has kept her under lock and key, a prisoner of her fame just as much as she is a prisoner of his sideshow. No one asks where she came from or why she’s there–the world assumes she’s a message of hope and religious conviction, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

She’s signed off to Henry Brooks of the Brooks Spectacular Circus and Showcase of Magnificent Marvels. Brooks, known as Hank, is in charge of this thoroughly American circus squatting in England. It’s fallen on mediocre times because of some unspoken something that happened years ago. Isabel is to be its saving grace.

No one asks her if she needs one in return.

When the season opens, nothing goes as planned. While Iz struggles in her new and strange environment and the expectations put upon her by people who don’t even speak her Irish, stars are shunted from the center to the side. The crowds swell. Tents collapse. Religious protesters dog the show at every jump, trying to pull her out. There are command performances and talk of touring the continent and fame so big, so expansive, that Ringling is in its shadow. But the spotlight begins revealing things that the Brooks family hoped they would never have to face again.

Forced to learn this complicated world while it learns nothing of her, Iz feels like she can only watch as it begins to crack all around her. The Spectacular has become her home, but it may not last another season.