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Step Two

Here is my attempt to guide writers and/or illustrators into the wide world of publication. Or, at the very least, in the right direction. Previous posts in this series: Step One: What to do if you want to… Read More

Backing Up a Step

Focusing on author/illustrators, I’m going to try addressing some pre-query considerations to help make the process slightly less nebulous. This information comes from my own experiences, the experiences of agented and/or published friends, advice directly received from editors… Read More

Step One

Once upon a way-back-when, I declared that I would make sure this blog gave writer/illustrators the information that is less common in the publishing blogosphere. That is, information tailored to writer/illustrators—not just picture book folks, either. During that… Read More

Take Your “Golden Age” and…

So I just read this interview with Neal Porter and Julie Danielson and it was refreshing. In particular, the discussion of the state of publishing resonated strongly with my gag reflex. Emphasis all mine: NP, talking about trends:… Read More

Being a Writer/Illustrator

Listening to the illicit sounds of 5th of July fireworks. When I was a small, wee, slip of a lass, I went through a period where I made my mom draw for me. It wasn’t that I stopped drawing;… Read More

Breadcrumbs (to Find Your Way)

I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to consider writer/illustrators as a horse of a different color. I don’t know if anyone out there has compiled statistics, but I bet they’d be interesting. They might even prove me wrong!… Read More