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Step Two

Here is my attempt to guide writers and/or illustrators into the wide world of publication. Or, at the very least, in the right direction. Previous posts in this series: Step One: What to do if you want to… Read More

Backing Up a Step

Focusing on author/illustrators, I’m going to try addressing some pre-query considerations to help make the process slightly less nebulous. This information comes from my own experiences, the experiences of agented and/or published friends, advice directly received from editors… Read More

Step One

Once upon a way-back-when, I declared that I would make sure this blog gave writer/illustrators the information that is less common in the publishing blogosphere. That is, information tailored to writer/illustrators—not just picture book folks, either. During that… Read More

The Path to the Mire

This is one of those post-signing, uh, posts that attempts to chronicle how I got to the point of agenthood. In a rainbow nutshell: Total Queries: 18 Rejections: 7 Closed, No Response: 6 Fulls: 5 Passes: 2 Revise… Read More


How I’ve longed to showcase the obligatory Signs Artist-Agent Contract photo. LONG NO MORE. For I am now represented by Linda Camacho of Prospect Agency. WHAT DO I DO. WHO AM I. WHAT IS HAPPENING.      

The Mire

I do write other things apart from THE SPECTACULAR. Once upon a time, I created two characters for THE SPECTACULAR. Wait, I thought this was going to be about not-THE SPECTACULAR? IT IS. IT REALLY IS. Anyway, I… Read More

The Morass: Letting Go

As I venture into my second R&R, I have one less weapon in my depository. Which is good because this weapon injured no one but myself. I was (well, I’ll always be, because creators always are) way, way, phenomenally way too… Read More

The Morass: The Last Five Years

Stage One: Write a Manuscript 2010 marks the official year I decided to begin writing THE SPECTACULAR. Before I could do that, I knew I needed an arsenal full of knowledge. You can’t do historical, even historical fantasy, without… Read More

The Morass

This is actually a post about editing. It will all make sense later. There are certain segments of the population for whom word count is not a caution but a challenge. I am one of those people. 90k… Read More