The Path to the Mire

This is one of those post-signing, uh, posts that attempts to chronicle how I got to the point of agenthood.

In a rainbow nutshell:
  • Total Queries: 18
  • Rejections: 7
  • Closed, No Response: 6
  • Fulls: 5
  • Passes: 2
  • Revise & Resubmit: 3
  • Step-aside: 1
  • Offers: 2


I queried in, I think, three or four rounds, which meant I only sent out a few at a time. I also took a massive break from querying after the initial couple of rounds in June of 2015.

Ultimately, my agent was one of the initial full requests from the first round. She called me about the R&R, which was a big surprise and very encouraging. I remembered that, and it kept her high on my list. She was also the one to nudge me when I was doing my revisions. I like an agent who is that proactive!

Another agent who requested a full (and later stepped aside) actually surprised me by sending one of her client’s recent books. I will cherish that and the note she sent forever. (It was also a great book.)

Also of note:

I had a pretty whirlwind journey from Point A (first draft) to Point Z (querying). Because I received encouragement to submit my novel to an imprint, I wanted to make sure I had an agent and a better version of the story before I did it.

While I intended to query or publish THE JACKSON SISTERS one day, it wasn’t my main focus beyond being my thesis. And my thesis was illustration-based, so the story was not really important and needed a lot of reworking before I could query. It also meant I didn’t have a year of researching, so I had to go with what I knew already and do some quick reads over the summer while working on my R&Rs. MADNESS.

Now the hard stuff really begins.

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